Fortified Rosin

Rosin is a product of pine trees and is a commonly used sizing agent. Any good sizing agent improves the quality and life of paper.

OPL FORTIFIED ROSIN - Product Overview

Rosin is fortified with maleic / fumaric acid under suitable conditions to form an adduct which acts as a very effective sizing agent.

Orient Packagings Ltd. manufactures Fortified Rosin with varying degrees of total solid content as per customer specifications. However, the most popular grade is OPL 50 which contains 50% solids.

OPL Fortified Rosin - Product Characteristics:

Product OPL 50 - Fortified Rosin with 50% Solids
Appearance Yellow / brown liquid
pH 9.5 - 10
Specific Gravity at 25℃ 1.16
Charge Anionic
Total Solids (min.) 50%
Shelf Life Unlimited

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