Ferric Alum

OPL Ferric Alum - Product Description

Alum is essentially aluminium sulphate with empirical formula Al2 (SO4)3.18HO. It is of two types (i) Ferric and (ii) Non Ferric.

Ferric alum is a less pure form of aluminum sulphate. It is used in lower grades of paper for loading and sizing purposes. Ferric alum uses bauxite as the raw material. The raw material is cooked with sulphuric acid under suitable conditions. The resultant product is sold in liquid form.

OPL Ferric Alum - Product Characteristics

Insoluble matter max. 0.25%
Soluble Iron comps. (max.) 0.35%
Soluble Aluminium comps. (Al O) (max.)
PH of 5% solutions (min.) 2.70
Basicity (as Al O) (max.) 0.25%

OPL Ferric Alum - Product Application:

Ferric alum imparts better brightness to paper when used with rosin for sizing. It forms a complex resinate that spreads evenly over the surface of paper.

It finds other uses in pharmaceutical and mordanting industry. In water purification the highly positively charged aluminum precipitates negative suspensions as sludge.

OPL Ferric Alum - Benefits

It is the most versatile and easily used material for sizing paper with rosin.

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