Acrylic Binder

OPL Binder – Acrylic Binder for Coating Paper & Paper Board

OPL Binder – Product Overview

OPL Binder is a water soluble dispersion of styrene-acrylic copolymer. It is of fine particle size and free of plasticizer and solvents. It provides excellent mechanical and chemical stability to paper. It also adds high gloss to the paper coating, without causing blistering. It prevents the paper from yellowing due to exposure to heat and light.

OPL Binder – Product Characteristics:

Property Typical Value
Appearance White, viscous emulsion
Polymer Type Styrene - acrylic
Emulsifying System Anionic
Total Solids Content 50.0 +/- 1.0 %

OPL Binder Benefits:

  • Makes the paper excellent for offset printing
  • Compatible with all common coating mix ingredients.
  • Suitable for a wide range of coating machines including high-speed blade coater, air knife coater and bar coater etc.
  • Provides tremendous mechanical stability and chemical stability to the paper
  • Offers high adhesive strength and film-forming strength
  • Stable under various heat and light conditions and has low odor

OPL Binder Applications:

  • Coated Art Paper
  • Ivory Board
  • White Board

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