AKD Wax Emulsion

AKD Wax Emulsion – Product Overview

AKD is a versatile chemical that easily reacts with substances containing hydrogen atoms in their structural make-up to form an adduct which is highly repellent to water. AKD is an outstanding size for various forms of cellulosic materials especially paper.

In india, we are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of AKD Wax Emulsion. We manufacture AKD Emulsion with varying degree of total solid content ranging from 12% to 20% depending upon customer requirements. However, the most popular grade is OPL AKD 15 with 15% total solids.

AKD - Product Characteristics:

Product OPL 15 - AKD Wax Emulsion
Appearance Milky white emulsion
pH 3 - 3.5
Specific Gravity at 30℃ 1 - 1.1
Total Solids (min.) 15%
Emulsion Charge Cationic
Shelf Life 90 days

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