Orient Packagings Ltd.

Orient Packagings Ltd. is a leading manufacturer in India of paper chemicals, including paper sizing chemicals, paper strengthening chemicals, surface size, retention & drainage chemicals and binder. Our chemicals include Fortified Rosin, Cationic Rosin, Neutral Size Rosin, AKD Wax Emulsion, Ferric Alum, Non Ferric Alum, Retention Aid, Fixing Aid, Dry Strength Resin, Surface Sizing Chemicals and Binder.

We also offer various services to our clients such as paper sheeting/ paper conversion and feed systems.

We have a world-class manufacturing facility situated in Saharanpur, in Western U.P., India. Western U.P. is a hub for paper manufacturing in India. The strategic location of our factory makes sourcing/ transportation of raw materials and finished goods cost effective and timely. We also manufacture corrugated boxes at our second facility located in Faridabad, Haryana. It is from here that we derived the names Orient Packagings Ltd.

With decades of experience in the business, we have emerged as a trustworthy brand among top paper manufacturers as well as mill owners in India and overseas.